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NameFactionPriceDescriptionSell Locations
Iolian passportIolian pact$250,000Enter Iolian territory free-of-charge.Spire
Mycenaean allyMycaena$250,000Mycenaean stations offer better prices for all goods.Spire
Nyxian citizenNyxian Consortium$250,000Land on planet Nyx free-of-charge.Spire
Free Trader LicenseTraders Association$250,000Better commodity prices on Free Traders stations.Spire
DisposerWasteland$250,000Wasteland stations offer better prices for all goods.Spire
Nexus allyNexus$250,000Reduced prices of Nexus equipment.Spire
Gemini specialistGemini Protectorate$250,000Rearm and repair on Protectorate stations free-of-charge.Spire
Trinity state trooperTrinity Free States$25,000Receive credits for every Vanquis and Syndicate ship you destroy.Spire
Baeldor citizenBaeldor Republic$250,000Rearm and repair on Baeldor stations free-of-charge.Spire
Korkyran allyKorkyra$250,000Better prices of Korkyran ship systems.Spire
GSE partnerGemini Space Engineering$250,000Better prices of GSE ships.Montreal, New Delhi, Odense, Spire
Thaurian avengerThaurian Alliance$25,000Receive credits for every Heraclean Front and Genos ship you destroy.Hallifax, Hathor, Sapho, Spire, Theronell
Union mining charterUnion$250,000Permission to mine in Union territory.La Roche, Munich, Niigata, Ruhr, Salem, Spire, Tauranga, Westminster
Free scientistHub$250,000Receive credits for every anomaly you scan.Capetown Shipyard, Kyoto, New Sagittarius, Spire
Triad memberTriad$250,000Triad stations offer better prices for all goods.Coven, Goa, Lunae, Spire
LaGarde friendLaGarde Province$250,000LaGarde stations offer better prices for all goods.Laguardia, Phoenix, Spire
MultiOps partnerMultiOps$250,000Better prices of MultiOps ships.Cardiff, Clearmont, MultiOps HQ, Plymouth, Spire
Omega Transport stocksOmega Transport$25,000Credits per monthOmega Transport HQ, Spire
Madeira Construct stocksMadeira Constructions$50,000Credits per monthDuquesne, Spire
Exac Raw Materials stocksExac Raw Materials$100,000Credits per monthExac Raw Materials HQ, Osaka, Spire
NeoPhysics stocksNeoPhysics$250,000Credits per monthHeliopolis, Spire
Advanced Arms Inc. DealerAdvanced Arms Inc$250,000Better prices of Advanced Arms Inc. ship systems.Advanced Arms Inc HQ, Spire
TriaCorp representativeTriACorp$250,000Better prices of TriACorp ship systems.Cleora, Spire, TriaCorp HQ
Bounty hunter licenseGladius Group$25,000Receive credits for every outlaw ship you destroy.Hephaestus, Memphis, Sigil, Spire
Mars Shipping stocksMars Shipping$50,000Credits per monthGanymede, Mars Shipping HQ, Sapporo, Spire
IonTech partnerIonTech$250,000IonTech stations offer special price for Ionized Gas.Dmitrov, Dortmund, Hannover, Spire
SupraTravel charterSupraTravel$250,000Use T-Gates free-of-charge.Clearwater, Spire
AI Robotics distributorAI Robotics$250,000Better prices of all AI Robotics goods.Abydos, AI Robotics HQ, Spire
Bosseron Ent. StocksBosseron Enterprises$50,000Credits per monthBethesda, Primrose, Spire
HeraCorp partnerHeraCorp$250,000Better prices of HeraCorp ships.Calysto, HeraCorp HQ, Spire
Mendoza Foodstuffs stocksMendoza Foodstuffs$25,000Credits per monthMendoza Foodstuffs HQ, Spire
Wright Chemicals stocksWright Chemicals$50,000Credits per monthSpire, Wright Chemicals HQ
Miners Guild contractorMiners Guild$250,000Better prices of all ore.Kharovsk, Penta, Spire, Waldeburg
Holocom Inc. StocksHoloCom Inc$100,000Credits per monthHoloCom Inc HQ, Spire
Frontier wingmanFrontier$250,000Repair and rearm on Frontier stations free of charge.Howland, Seminole, Tortuga Bay
Genos trooperGenos$25,000Receive credits of every Miners Guild and Union ship you destroy.Gaia, Tortuga Bay
Syndicate memberSyndicate$250,000Better prices of all contraband.Gheb, Tortuga Bay, Whibaux, Zoemin
AnarchistAnarchists$25,000Receive credits for every Iolian, Mycenaean and Nyxian ship you destroy.Blackfoot, Eryn, Kholm, Masauri, Tortuga Bay
Stiletto assassinStiletto$25,000Receive credits for every Baeldor ship you destroy.Dismal, Orissa, Sedona, Tortuga Bay
Niners trafficerNiners$250,000Better prices of all Gases.Saskatchewan, Tortuga Bay
RogueRogues$250,000Rearm and repair on Rogue stations free-of-charge.Gilgamesh, Tigris, Tortuga Bay
VanquisherVanquis$25,000Receive credits for every Trinity and Protectorate ship you destroy.Roanoke, Tortuga Bay
Hexen memberHexen$250,000Hexen stations offer better Commodity prices.Falkland, Panama, Saxon, Tortuga Bay
StonerStoners$250,000Rearm and repair on Stoners stations free-of-charge.Casablanca, Tortuga Bay
Heraclean privateerHeraclean Front$25,000Receive credits for every Korkyran and Thaurian ship you destroy.Ares, Sterling, Syracuse, Tortuga Bay
RaiderRaiders$25,000Receive credits for every Freighter and Freightliner you destroy.Gotha, Reaper, Tortuga Bay