Under Development

This site contains data from game Starpoint Gemini 2, taken directly from the game files, and format-shifted to make it easily viewable. The intent is to be able to have sortable tables of ships and weapons for comparison, detailed pages for each with info on where to buy them, and all that. A stretch goal is to create a traderoute finder.

The content shown here includes the Secrets of Aethera DLC, but does not go into the Kepler Beam stuff.

It will be similar to what would be on a wiki, but known to be accurate for the given game version. You can see the active game version in the top right corner of the site.

Pages will become available as they're written. If a page says “locked” it is not yet good enough to release. If it's available, the data is correct, but there may still be missing features that I'm planning to implement.

I may not always lock a page I'm actively working on if I expect to be quick, or if I'm re-scraping the game files into the database, so if you get a strange error, come back in an hour or two and it should be resolved. If not, feel free to send me an email and let me know (address below).

The images and most of the data presented here are extracted directly from the game Starpoint Gemini 2, developed by Little Green Men Games and published by Iceberg Interactive, and belong to those respective parties.
Formatting, presentation, and calculations based on that data are © Chris Shake (cshake at cshake dot net and/or gmail dot com) who is the sole owner and admin of this website.